Two artificial hymen pills

Deal 1

The artificial hymen pill is designed to simulate the loss of blood that occurs when losing your virginity, the pill will dissolve by itself, with your body heat and vaginal moisture, and create a membrane that acts like the hymen.

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Tightening pill​

Deal 2

If you want your V to feel like it’s your first time, and make sure your partner does not have any doubt about your vir**nity, we have included a V tightening pill, which is our special tightening formula created by Zarimon to be used with the artificial hymen pill to ensure the best results. This pill is to be inserted into your V one hour before sex**al intercourse.

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V Tight Stick

  1. Use it before half or one hour of se**al love.
  2. After cleaning V , rinse the stick, then insert to the V slowly, rotated for about 30 seconds, due to different personal situation, the longest time is no more than 1 minute!
  3. After using, rinse the item again for next use. It can not be wash too long, otherwise, it will be reduce the using times.
  4. Keep it in a cool shade place.
  5. For personal care: 3 or 4 days per time.
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Video 1: Unboxing & how it works

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